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About BBQ Johnson

Setting New Standards in the Industry

With over 8 years of dedication in the restaurant industry, BBQ Johnson (owner and head chef at Honey Bay's BBQ) brings the south to your mouth with his authentic, downhome, and southern cuisine.  All of his recipes are a cultivation of his southern family's origin meeting new age trends. Ultimately making you feel as if you're embracing fresh air, dirt roads in a one stop-light type of town where the aroma of your grandmother's country kitchen graces the air from miles away.  While BBQ Johnson started his career in roofing (ABC Siding of Lake County), his passion for cooking and delivering friendly, family-oriented service surpasses his strength in sales.  While he wears many hats as a father of 3 (DJ, Damia, and Delilah) along with being a devoted partner to Cookie, a loving son to his mother, Lucille, an older brother to Boobie G (RIP), and an amazing brother to his little sister, Brandy, BBQ Johnson is creating a legacy for his family origin to carry on through our hearts and more importantly our belly's.

About the Chef: About the Chef
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